Inching into 40…with my first facial!

“I am simply trying to keep the youthfulness I feel (well, on most days when I’m heavily caffeinated).”

It’s my last couple months in my 30’s, and I have to say it’s nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. I am actually looking forward to this next new chapter of self-love, empowerment, and personal success.

What is not so fun about 40, however, is the toll aging has taken on my exterior. I truly don’t mind my additional pounds (more to love), stretch marks (carried 3 beautiful angels) and cellulite (will never give up carbs), but it’s hard to get used to the difference in the skin on my face. It is simply not as resilient as it once was, and is uneven due to pregnancy melasma and (lots of) sun exposure.

For my 40th, I have decided to start investing in my skin regimen.  As a mother, it is extremely important that I embrace aging and show my girls that it’s not look like society’s standard of perfect – but I’ve struck a balance that works for me….I’ve learned that just because I choose to slow down some signs of aging on my face, it does not mean I am trying to change my appearance. I am simply trying to keep the youthfulness I feel (well, on most days when I’m heavily caffeinated).

My journey to skin care has lead me to this wonderful little spa downtown called Oxigen medi spa. A highschool friend and co-owner who introduced me to it, and it’s the prettiest boutique spa downtown. It’s managed and run by some amazing femprenneurs who made me feel comfortable and relaxed right away.  The spa’s esthetics are very clean and beautiful, and they keep the temperature just how I like it – so warm and cozy.

After a specialist named Karine explained the high-quality services and products available, I decided to take my first step into skin care with a facial, but not just any facial…an Oxygen facial. Karine explained that the multiple treatments received with the Oxegyn facial would target the root cause of skin aging and would reduce or reverse them.

The Oxegyn facial, the spa’s signature facial, is dubbed the super facial for a reason. It combines:


The facial includes two passes of a full-face microdermabrasion. This it is used to exfoliate and remove dead cells, renewing the skin’s upper layers.  This prepares the base for the next step.


A serum is then worked into the skin with an ultrasound device. This allows the product to penetrate deeper into the derma layer of the skin – something that can’t be achieved by just massaging the product with your fingers. This process was actually very relaxing (and with the room temperature at a very comfortable setting, I could have stayed on their bed all day).

Non-surgical skin tightening

Targets your choice of eyes or jaw line for contouring and tightening….sign me up!!!

After receiving the treatment, I noticed visible results straight away. And since there is no downtime, I headed right back to work.  It wasn’t until the next morning that I was blown away with the changes in the appearance of my skin. Fine lines were reduced, my skin was clearer and brighter, and my face looked “plumper”.

It’s been a week since my facial, and I am so thrilled with the results.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I have already purchased a package of 3 more Oxygeno facials, and my skin will no doubt be ready for it after the holidays.

I was in such good hands at the Oxygen Medi Spa. All the ladies were so knowledgeable in skin care, and didn’t hesitate to let me know when they weren’t sure about something. My one complaint is that I laughed so much with Karine, my laugh lines will soon need botox :).

Looking forward to telling you more about my journey to skin care journey.


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