Gift Yourself Glowing Skin

Ever have the feeling that your skin lacklustre? Yeah, me too. Especially this time of year.

In my late 30’s and after having my 3rd child, I started noticing the sun spots (they seem to multiply every year), malasma, red patches and fine lines. My skin appeared less bright and uneven, lacking the vibrance it once had. Sleep deprivation? Perhaps. Stress? For sure. But at the end of the day, age and genetics are something we all have to come to terms with.

Chasing the fountain of youth was not an option for me. It is a race that will only leave me exhausted and unsatisfied. But I DO want to focus on prevention, maintenance and aging as gracefully as I can while still being “me”. I don’t have a clear definition of what that looks like and can’t tell you that it’s a one-size-fits all approach. My strategy (at least for now) will be to try new technologies and team up with practitioners that align with my values and skin goals.

Enter Danesthetics Medical Design Clinic, a clinic that “can provide you with a range of options to help you look as good as you feel at any stage of your life”. More importantly, Dan’s focus is to lead with the latest in medical estheics while educating. I first learned about this clinic with his funny social media videos (often starring his adorable wife who runs the clinic with him), and upon my first consult with him, I felt comfortable in his approach for my skin.

Daniel Julien, NP

I do have regular Botox around my eye area to help minimize the fine lines, but Dan suggested I pair it with a SYLFIRM X facial to help with other skin issues I was noticing.

What is SYLFIRM X?

It’s a treatment that is most requested to date. It uses new technology to provide range of anti-aging treatment to improve skin texture, fine lines, skin elasticity and pore size. With it’s Dual Wage RF Micro-needling system, Sylfirm X’s provides micro needling precision to allow for evenly levelled electrodes to penetrate the skin at a target depth.

Why chose SYLFIRM X over other treatments?

This technology seems to do it all. It treats many skin issues with just one machine. Since I wanted to treat my malasma and firm my skin, it was the obvious choice. It’s also quicker than most and has less discomfort than others. I was in and out in one hour, and was able to laugh and talk though my whole treatment. Michelle, Dan’s wife, calls some of the areas treated “spicy”…her cute word for pain. I did feel some “pricking” equivalent to a weak elastic band snap on my forehead and other areas where there is less cushioning. A numbing cream is applied and helps reduce the discomfort.

There is also no downtime with SYLFIRM X, which is so important for most of us super busy folk. Although I was very red immediately after, the redness disappeared within 2 hours and I was back to my regular activities.

What results can I expect to have after the SYLFIRM X?

Some skin tightening was visible immediately after, and I definitely noticed my skin was more even and the texture smoother. the best results will appear over time gradually and over the next two-three months. You will need 3 treatments to see the best results for rosacea, melasma and skin firming (including eyelids!). For melanoma and acne scarring, 5-6 treatments may be required for optimal results.

My next treatment will be early in the new year, and I will keep you posted as I continue this journey. Check out Danesthetics Medical for a list of comprehensive treatment options and competitive pricing.


Right now, Dan is combining An Exosome Regenerative Complex to the SYLFIRM X for your first treatment. These powerful ingredients are responsible for cell-to-cell communications and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, textures and pore size and reduces redness and skin irritation. This little formula is spread on your skin after the treatment, and produces more powerful, potent results.

Dan has an amazing way to explain the science and benefits of this treatment. I urge you to visit him for a free consult. You’ll be greeted with a very warm smile and espresso (yep, they had me at espresso), and will leave feeling confident about what skin treatments are best for you. Dan Esthetics Medical also offers very reasonable and competitive pricing on all of his procedures & packages. Visit his instagram and Youtube pages too where you’ll find very helpful (and often funny and entertaining) content about his services.

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