Animal print – the new neutral

Animal print is nothing new – just open your great-aunt’s wardrobe and you’ll find your fair share of leopard, cougar, and zebra prints.

What IS new is the absolute explosion of animal print into mainstream fashion. It is literally everywhere. What I love about the trend this season is that it can be as muted or as in-your-face as you want it to be…there are so many ways you can make the animal trend print your own.

If your hesitant but want to try the trend, just like with anything else, start small. Look for accessories and shoes in the trend and use them to add a “pop” in otherwise basic outfit.



Or, you can take a more aggressive approach, and break up animal print separates. I love the look of an animal print top paired with an edgy faux-leather bottom.


Once you are comfortable with the trend, start having some fun with it. Do it as a complete outfit with a dress, or mix-and-match it with other trends like floral print.

What ever you do with this trend, have fun with it and make it your own. Most of all, have fun by communicating with style.

Mary xo








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