Mary grew up in a (very) large and loving Lebanese family. The first daughter of 5 children.

Mary’s mother shared her love for fashion at a very young age, pulling looks together from the pieces she collected in Lebanon. When Mary was 16, her youngest sister was too tiny to fit into anything off the shelf – so Mary learned to sew (with the help of her seamstress aunt Jeanette) in order to create trendy pieces that fit her. The confidence her sister gained from wearing custom fashion gave Mary a whole new appreciation of the power of style.

Mary graduated from the University of Ottawa with a strong background in Communications and Commerce. After starting her career in the corporate banking industry, she quickly learned that in business, your wardrobe plays a significant role in how you are perceived. It was then that Mary decided to combine her communication and fashion knowledge to help professionals communicate with style.


Mary now works as a media personality and celebrity wardrobe stylist in Ottawa, specializing in corporate clients and capsule wardrobes. When Mary is not at her day job or dressing clients, she can be seen on local television shows giving fashion and lifestyle tips.

But the most important role Mary plays is mama to 3 incredible children.