I found a new hairstylist

Ladies, I found a new hairstylist….and as a girl’s girl, it’s my obligation to share her with you all.

Off the top, I want to let you all know that I am not paid for my blogs…I only write about services & products I can really stand behind, and I am very meticulous in the vetting process. I place great importance on what I promote and share.

Finding a new hairstylist is no easy feat for me. As a Mediterranean, I inherited thick, dry, kinky frizzy curls – not everyone knows how to style this hair type.  And as a working mama balancing multiple priorities like many of you, time is something I never seem to have enough of. I need a hair style that can grow out nicely NOT BE HIGH MAINTENANCE.

I’m lucky that my hair grows suuuuper slow, and I have gotten pretty skilled at touching up my greys every 4 weeks at home (I use a natural hair dye bought at the grocery store to do this). So I only visit the hair salon every 8 months to one year to do the “big job” of colouring my whole head + trim.

I have been yelled at, lectured, judged, and have eyes rolled my way more times then I can count. The poor stylist who ends up seeing me is often upset that I did not maintain my colour and cut, and most of the time, I am scolded for not using “salon brand” products.

Except this time.

When I first walked into Salon Five Forty Eight, it was easy to instantly relax. The minimalist, fresh decor was a nice reflection of Sylvie, the owner and stylist’s vibe.  Sylvie does not overlap bookings or book clients too close together either, which allows for a more intimate (and peaceful to be honest) session.




She really got to know me and my lifestyle, and reasons I make certain choices about my hair (i.e. keep it long because it is easier to style and tame). She understood my insistence on using less harsh products, and REALLY, no I mean REALLY listened to what I was looking for. This, in itself, is gold.

I left her salon with the colour I loved (very subtle change, but totally my thing),  and even educated me on some terms so I know what to ask for the next time (did you know the highlighted strip that frames your face is called the “money strip”!?!).  She  gave me a cut that got rid of my dead ends, but left my long layers.  I actually left feeling as relaxed as when the process started – Sylvie was even super chill about my “is it done yet” and “how much longer” questions (what!!??? I can be so annoying but at least I own it :)).


Apparently, the light strip in the front to frame my face is called the “money strip!”

I have since gone back to Sylvie at Salon Five Forty Eight to have my hair styled for a photo shoot.  She not only styled it in no time, but the curls lasted days in my hair.

Needless to say, I have a new girl crush on my new hair stylist. She ticked off all the boxes I needed in a stylist, girl boss, and down right chill business owner.




The only request I now have of you all is to leave me with at least one booking per year with her :).

Wishing you all a fabulous hair day,

Mary xo


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