Wardrobe Cleanse

Happy New Year friends!  All the best in heath and happiness for the upcoming year.

Now that we are a few days into 2018, you’re probably already sick of seeing articles and ads about NY resolutions, and how to be the BEST NEW YOU in 2018.  I promise I will not add to that… I am just your friendly neighbourhood wardrobe consultant reminding you that if you resolve to make your closet as functional and inviting as possible, you will be more likely to shop in it (and less likely to have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear).

My top 5 quick wardrobe resolution tips are easy to keep – but don’t forget to repeat them periodically throughout the year:

Purging your closet feels as good as shedding unwanted weight. It is essential that you get rid of pieces that are taking up precious real estate in your closet.  Set aside a chunk of time, and empty your closet of literally every piece of clothing & accessory.

Now that you have everything out of your closet, it’s time to decide what makes it back in.  First, make 3 piles: keep, consign, donate, and organize accordingly. NOW it’s time to get real. Ask yourself tough questions like: if I saw it today, would I buy it? Does it fit AND flatter? Am I keeping this for only sentimental reasons? Has it been hanging in my closet with tags on for months? Years?

Be ruthless with your purge – you’ll be amazed what you can do with less clothing cluttering up your closet. You actually end up wearing the pieces you MORE because you will be able to visualize more outfits, and get creative in your mixing and matching skills.

The more your closet looks organized and inviting, the more you are likely to “shop” in it. A couple easy fixes like functional hangers (not the wire ones you get form the dry cleaners), drawer dividers and boxes will help (I love IKEA products for this) 

Unless you are constantly purging, you should not be constantly buying. And now that we have had Black Friday, Boxing day, and Cyber Monday to get all the sale shopping out of our system, it’s time to give it a rest.

BUT If you must shop, make your purchases count. This year, resolve to buy quality pieces. There is a big trend in the fashion world to put our dollars on local, ethical, slow fashion products. Brands like Krista Norris, and Vintage Glory22 have pieces made right here in Canada and are run by boss babes (p.s., I am not paid to promote products).  


Much like you reach your fitness goals with a personal trainer, you can reach your wardrobe goals with a wardrobe consultant.  A wardrobe consultant can not only help you get real about your closet, we also offer services like building capsule wardrobes and outfit boards like the one created for a client below (outfit boards are created to show my clients the different outfit possibilities with their own pieces).

Outfit Board

Watch my latest CTV Morning Live as Trisha Owens and I discuss Wardrobe Resolutions.



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