How to shop the summer sales

Well there you have it – we’ve barely started to enjoy the summer sunshine, patios and open toes yet the retail Gods have already moved onto next season! Don’t get depressed yet – SUMMER SALES are upon us! While stores are busy liquidating to make room for Fall pieces, us fashionistas are salivating at the idea of mark-downs and clearance racks.

But it’s not always easy to find “bargains” that will truly serve a purpose in your wardrobe. It’s important that you not make hasty purchases because of the low price tags. Follow my top sales tips below to truly enjoy sale prices without purchase regret.


Do your homework and have a plan

Have a targeted approach when you set out to shop – do a wardrobe inventory to see where there are gaps, and what you already have a lot of. This will avoid bringing home duplicate pieces, or pieces that you just don’t need.


Buy quality foundation pieces

You can never go wrong with a foundation pieces. Theses are pieces that make up the bulk of your wardrobe and ideally are in a neutral pallet. They can be mixed and matched to create new outfits. As I rule of thumb, I buy foundation pieces that can work with at least three of my existing outfits. Example of foundation pieces include:

-a white blouse

-great fitting denim

-a fitted blazer

-a little black or little white dress (or both!)


Look for pieces that will transition well in the Canadian seasons

With four seasons, it’s hard not to have 2 completely separate wardrobes: spring/summer & fall/winter. I try to maximize the use of my entire wardrobe buy pieces that transition well into the next season by layering. A light blouse, for example, can go under a great moto jacket…the right summer dress can be the base under a long cardi or denim jacket.

Trends: Yes and No

Its always fun learning about the trend du jour, but when it comes to purchasing them it has to make sense. The last thing you want is to buy a trend on sale only to find out it’s out of style a shot while later.  When shopping for trends on sale, I either make sure it’s a trend that will at least take me into next season (like the chunk heal, the statement earrings, or an embroidered piece), or the cost per wear is reasonable.



Shop at stores that have easy access to change rooms and a great return policy

 This goes without saying. Summer sample sales can serve pieces at rock bottom prices, but even the cheapest purchase is a waste of money if it doesn’t fit well. This is why I am a HUGE fan of sales like the Nordstrom Anniversary sale – they have ample change rooms and a very generous return policy.


Sign up for newsletters BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE DISCIPLINED

I love receiving newsletters and emails from my favorite retailers because they let me in on early sale items and sale dates. The danger to receiving these newsletters, however, is that many of them create a sense of urgency that has you running to the stores WITHOUT A PLAN. Go ahead and sign up for the newsletters – just be disciplined about it.


I’d love to write more, but I am already scoping out the pieces I have my eye on for the Nordstrom anniversary sale – a sale that puts brand-new styles at seriously discounted prices. It starts July 21st and ends August 6th.


For more details and a sneak peek at some of the items you’ll see during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, take a look at this segment on CTV Morning Live.


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