Wear Canada: Sonia Arora

At first, it was the bold colours and feminine silhouettes drew me to Sonia Arora designs; learning about Sonia and her passion and inspiration is what got me to LOVE this brand.

Photographer: Jessica Hobin Location: Andaz Ottawa MUA: Natalie Peachy Shoes: Tanya Heath

Sonia Arora is a (beautiful) woman with impeccable style and a flair luxury shopping. For years, she kept up with the upscale designs and trends as a consumer. She realized, however, that there is a “premium price to pay to own something of quality and originality”.  That was when she decided to create her own line of affordable luxury pieces. But the story of her brand goes well beyond just affordable luxury.  Sonia Arora knows her customer base does not want products mass produced overseas. Her unique pieces are all locally made in Canada using the finest European fabrics and hardware. I have grown accustomed to the gorgeous details like the exposed zippers (lately, she has been doing them in exquisite rose gold) on her dresses.

Sonia’s holistic approach to the Canadian fashion industry is so endearing: “I am proud to be a Canadian designer. In Canada, the industry is an exciting growth phase with many new designers setting themselves up to thrive on a global scale. In a way, my line shares value of things quintessentially Canadian, It’s understated and beautiful, divers and made right here with love”. Sonia’s love for fashion and keeping her line uniquely Canadian can also be felt via her Giving Back program, where the brand donates 25% of their sales to local charities.

“Don’t be a follower, be a leader” says Sonia.  You can feel proud wearing this brand, knowing that you are giving back to the local economy and local charities.

Check out the new Sonia Arora collection (including her new leisure wear line) at www.soniaaroradesigns.com.

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