Wear Canada : Rachel Sin

Clothing is power. Your wardrobe choices are part of a lifestyle, an identity, an expression of art…a message to the world without even saying a word.

The clothing you purchase goes hand in hand with the industry that provides them. Many of the fashion industries around the world are supported and regulated by fashion councils and non-for profits. Not the case in Canada. In fact, some might argue that the fashion industry maybe one of the most neglected and undervalued in our homeland.

Recently, I’ve had the incredible honour of taking part in some projects that shine the spotlight on Canadian Fashion. In every corner of this vast country, fashion designers are pushing the boundaries of innovation and modern fashion. That’s no easy feat. Being a designer in the True North takes way more than passion and …it takes skill, money, and a whole lot of determination.

We must do our part to help the fashion industry in Canada. If clothing is power and expression, let’s  send a message of Canadian pride, support, and unity by purchasing pieces by Canadian designers.

I’ve teamed up with local photographer, Jessica Hobin, and the Andaz Hotel for a photo shoot featuring 100% Canadian pieces. Each blog will focus on a different Canadian designer.  The Andaz Hotel is a proud supporter of Canadian artists, as most of their furniture and décor is crafted right here in Canada.


If you’ve worked with me in any capacity, you would know that my love for modern office wear runs deep. I like to make a (professional) statement in the office, which is why I seem to be drawn to Canadian designer Rachel Sin’s pieces. Rachel Sin designs for the creative professional, whose wardrobe is an extension of her confidence, originality and personal style. As Rachel likes to say: “the modern woman doesn’t have time to go home to change from desk, drinks, to dance”.

This architect turned fashion designer brings her expertise of city landscapes into the art of designing clothing for the woman’s body. Her attention to detail and precise tailoring come from her trained architect eye, and creates feminine pieces with clean, strong lines.

I was first introduced to Rachel and her brand during a local pop-up in Ottawa. I still wear the dress I bought back in 2008. The Ottawa love for Rachel Sin pieces still runs deep, as you can see from my conversation with television host Lianne Lang in my May segment.

My personal favorite of her current collection is the Obi belt dress I wore during that segment. The colour is kept soft while the shape of the dress is bold. I felt nothing short of powerful wearing it.

On the set of CTV Morning Live wearing Rachel Sin Obi Belt Dress


Rachel Kerr from the Andaz Hotel wearing Rachel Sin Obi Belt Dress

Rachel’s brand also has a fun and flirty side. The name of this “Don’t Give Me Lip” dress says it all. This dress is clearly for the sassy woman who likes to show her personality through style.

When I asked her about Canadian style, Rachel had this to say: “I love it, because it’s ever changing based on the season. It’s a challenge to adapt to the weather, but this also gives fashionable Canadians and edge. Whether its layering, bundling up or dressing in between seasons, Canadians give a fresh take on unexpected combinations”…..Spoken like a TRUE CANADIAN!!!

Support Rachel Sin by checking out her line at www.rachelsin.com

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