Wear Canada: Judith and Charles

Clothing is power. Your wardrobe choices are part of a lifestyle, an identity, an expression of art…a message to the world without even saying a word.

The clothing you purchase goes hand in hand with the industry that provides them. Many of the fashion industries around the world are supported and regulated by fashion councils and non-for profits. Not the case in Canada. In fact, some might argue that the fashion industry maybe one of the most neglected and undervalued in our homeland.

Recently, I’ve had the incredible honour of taking part in some projects that shine the spotlight on Canadian Fashion. In every corner of this vast country, fashion designers are pushing the boundaries of innovation and modern fashion. That’s no easy feat. Being a designer in the True North takes way more than passion and …it takes skill, money, and a whole lot of determination.

We must do our part to help the fashion industry in Canada. If clothing is power and expression, let’s  send a message of Canadian pride, support, and unity by purchasing pieces by Canadian designers.

I’ve teamed up with local photographer, Jessica Hobin, and the Andaz Hotel for a photo shoot featuring 100% Canadian pieces. Each blog will focus on a different Canadian designer.  The Andaz Hotel is a proud supporter of Canadian artists, as most of their furniture and décor is crafted right here in Canada.


The Judith and Charles brand was born after a chance encounter on a Caribbean Island. Judith – a beautiful woman with an eye for fashion, met Charles – a Frenchman with a joie de vivre. The rest, as they say is history.

Each collection is a deliberate fusion and contrast of Judith and Charles: feminine softness and strength with structure inspired by menswear. The clean lines and quality of fabric are appealing to so many professional women who want to look and feel sophisticated. It’s a favourite of Sophie Gregoire Trudea, who often wears the Judith and Charles brand to events and engagements.

Wearing Judith and Charles SS17. Sophie Gregoire Trideau wore this Lucca jacket at a War Museum engagement this week. 


Judith and Charles design and manufacture 90% of their clothing in Canada – that is no easy feat. They are determined to support their local economy and keep their product truly Canadian.

They also feel a tremendous commitment to be both consistent and reliable, and fee their strongest asset is fit and quality.

When I first met Judith and Charles, their sophistication and charm was very apparent. What truly stood out was their staff’s knowledge and attention to their loyal clients.

“Clients can be confident every time they walk into a store: they know they’re going to see the finest collections and be greeted by highly trained staff.”

-Charles Le Pierres

Shop the Judith and Charles SS17 collection now in stores and online.



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