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Clothing is power. Your wardrobe choices are part of a lifestyle, an identity, an expression of art…a message to the world without even saying a word.

The clothing you purchase goes hand in hand with the industry that provides them. Many of the fashion industries around the world are supported and regulated by fashion councils and non-for profits. Not the case in Canada. In fact, some might argue that the fashion industry maybe one of the most neglected and undervalued in our homeland.

Recently, I’ve had the incredible honour of taking part in some projects that shine the spotlight on Canadian Fashion. In every corner of this vast country, fashion designers are pushing the boundaries of innovation and modern fashion. That’s no easy feat. Being a designer in the True North takes way more than passion and …it takes skill, money, and a whole lot of determination.

We must do our part to help the fashion industry in Canada. If clothing is power and expression, let’s  send a message of Canadian pride, support, and unity by purchasing pieces by Canadian designers.

I’ve teamed up with local photographer, Jessica Hobin, and the Andaz Hotel for a photo shoot featuring 100% Canadian pieces. Each blog will focus on a different Canadian designer.  The Andaz Hotel is a proud supporter of Canadian artists, as most of their furniture and décor is crafted right here in Canada.


The first artist I would like the shine the spotlight on is Lucian Matis.

A Romanian immigrant, Lucian was born into fashion in the historic city of Blaj. He was immersed at an early age into fashion by his mother in her tailor shop.  Since his first collection in 2007 presented at Toronto Fashion Week, the Lucian Matis brand has continued to grow.

When I first met Lucian, I was quite struck by his warm smile and charismatic personality. It was so effortless to talk to Lucian and his wonderful team – it wasn’t long before we got to talking about the passion and integrity he has for design: “Fashion is very much about storytelling; each and every season is a different story we share. This allows us to continually develop new techniques and ways of adorning the body”. – Lucian Matis, June 2017. 

MY love affair with the Lucian’s gowns began during the Prime Minister’s State visit in 2016. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau put Canadian fashion in the international spotlight by wearing not one, but TWO vibrant and beautiful Lucian Matis gowns.

sophie in lucian gown
Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau in Lucian Matis gown during 2016 State Dinner. Photo credit: thekit.ca

Lucian’s technique strongly influences his aesthetic, and he is never one to shy away from colour, texture or exquisite detail. 

Wearing a Lucian Matis gown on the rooftop of the Ottawa Andaz Hotel. Photo credit: Jessica Hobin. MUA: Natalie Peachy
Lucian Matis gown
Wearing a Lucian Matis gown on the rooftop of the Ottawa Andaz Hotel. Photo credit: Jessica Hobin.  MUA: Natalie Peachy

These two dresses are my personal favourite, and I felt nothing short of regal wearing them.  It’s no wonder Canadian celebrities such as Joan Walker from the Real Housewives of Toronto are loving his pieces. 

I have no doubt Lucian Matis’ modern style, strong integrity, and devotion to keeping his craft truly Canadian  will continue to win over fashion lovers for a long time to come.

P.S. Lucian, I still have the beautiful rack and use it everyday  :). xo

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