I have reached a breaking point with the constant hair removal in the summer time, and wanted to share my journey with you….

Growing up with a strict Lebanese mother, shaving my already hairy armpits at the age of 11 was not an option. Mom insisted I sugar instead (in lament terms, wax!). She’d boil sugar on the stove and let it cool until it became a big, sticky mess. She would then put it on my armpits and legs and RIPPPPP it off….over and over again. I’ve have been doing that ever since….for the last 27 years! To mom’s credit, waxing leaves me hair free longer than shaving does, and I don’t grow anywhere near the amount of hair a Lebanese woman of my age should :). But I do still grow hair, and was getting very frustrated with the constant need to get rid of it.


I am now in serious survival mode. 3 kids, a 9-5 job and a side business, I can barely eat a full meal, let alone worry about the condition of my legs. I am one of those people who can’t wait for opaque tights weather so that I no longer have to remove my leg hair.  Enough is enough. It’s  time to make a change –I no longer want to turn down an evening with my husband at the Nordik because I am too beastly to be in public with a bathing suit on.



I started researching laser hair removal in Ottawa. There are many places around town that offer it, but prices and professionalism vary. I wanted to go to an establishment that ensured results without compromising my comfort. It was then I came across Maryem at DermaLuxe on Bank. Right from the get-go, I felt extremely comfortable with her. She took the time to explain the machinery, the process, and the best time of year to start the process (in Canada, it’s in the Fall and Winter months, but just before you go South for your winter get-away). Maryem was so warm and honest with me – told me about the pain to expect, and that results are never guaranteed. She has even stopped the process for clients that were not seeing results after several sessions (she was honest enough and actually stopped taking people’s money…MY kinda girl).

I really want to feel comfortable with the person that will be operating a laser next to some very sensitive areas, and it truly felt right with DermaLuxe.

Maryem from DermaLuxe taking the time to explain the entire laser hair removal process



Not all lasers are created equal. Derma Luxe uses the Diode laser. The Diode laser penetrates as deep into the skin as possible to get to the root and kill it. The radiation levels are low, however, similar to the ones emitted from our cell phones. As opposed to IPL, some studies claim the DIODE laser is more effective with thicker hairs and a greater variety of skin tones. Studies have also shown that Diode laser treatments are less painful than IPL. Having experienced both the IPL and the Diode, I can tell you with confidence that the Diode is far less painful and much, much quicker.



Maryem explained that after the first treatment, the shrivelled hair will continue grow above the skin, but after several treatments it should reduce greatly. Clients can expect to see great change after the 4th treatment.  I’ve already had my first treatment. Both full legs and arm pits took less than an hour. I had no reaction, and needed no downtime. The sesh tuly felt like I was catching up with an old friend….half naked (don’t you catch up with friends half naked?!). I will keep you posted on this blog with my final results.


I am so excited about the idea of not needing to wax again. Derma Luxe and I want you all to be this excited too!  For the month of November, mention my name and get 10% off.

Visit DermaLuxe today to book your appointment. You won’t regret it.


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